Jesus, Our Redeemer

Fortunately,God’s mercy prevailed over sin and death:For God so loved the world

that he gave his one and only Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have

eternal life (Jn 3:16). The passion , death and resurrection of Jesus were offered once and

for all,for the sins of mankind,so that man can be saved by the grace of God. Redemption

is  extraordinary in that it has been offered to all men for the forgiveness of sin. The truth

is that we are all redeemed by Christ’s death on the cross-Christians,Jews,Muslims,even

animist in the darkest forests(1 Tim. 2;6,4:10, 1John 2:2).     Jesus  has opened the doors

of heaven; He has entered into the holy place to appear before God on our behalf.Christ

has abundantly provided for our salvation, but that does not mean we would have been

saved and justified from all eternity, with no need to repent or have faith.Some people

think that all they have to do is “accept Christ as their personal Saviour,” and they are

saved.They might live exemplary lives thereafter,but they think that it is not crucial

for their salvation, for “they have been saved once and for all.”But this is not what the

Catholic Church teaches! We know that one must not only choose to accept redemption,

but also live a good life in conformity with the will of God. Remember that God’s other

gift to us, free will, has not been revoked. He will not force his love and grace upon us;

we must choose his grace and repent for our sins. we must “aim higher” like Zacchaeus

(Cf. Lk 19:1-10) to respond to this inner prompting of grace,to receive salvation.

Improve Your Communication Skills

It is true that even people who live together as a family are sometimes really very lonely. Are you experiencing this in your home?

Then, it’s a matter of learning to communicate as a couple or as a parent. The first step is to create an atmosphere of trust in the home when all are free to express themselves,bearing in mind respect for everyone.Open and honest communication is vital, especially where there are growing children,and parents by keeping these channels open, can learn a lot about their children and give them timely help and advice to counteract negative peer pressure and negative exposure to the media.

Good communication between parents and children opens the way to teach children values, especially the virtue of chastity. They should learn how ” popular culture”may not always be the right culture.Instruct your children in the faith for the sake of their souls.and discipline them when you have t0.many youth have strayed because parents failed in their duty to save or correct them in time. But , admonish them with love, understanding and tact or else you can bring about hatred,rebellion or psychological damage in your child. A good rule to follow is to — say what you mean and mean what you say–when correcting children.

If you have their trust and respect, they will listen to what you have to say. Good communication also helps build strong and healthy relationships at home. Begin with spending more time with your family ,going on outings together and sharing leisure activities and hobbies with your children. Stay emotionally connected with one another and show your affection. Support  your family’s goals and plans; It can help create open, happy and harmonious relationships and you can overcome the unhealthy influences of society and the storms and pressures of life.

Act of Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Most sweet Jesus,Redeemer of the human race,look down upon us

humbly kneeling before Thee.We are Thine,and Thine we wish to be;

but, to be more surely united with Thee, behold each one of us freely

consecrates himself today to Thy most Sacred Heart.

Many indeed have never known Thee; many too, despising Thy precepts,

have rejected Thee. Have mercy on them all,most merciful Jesus,and draw

them all to Thy most Sacred Heart.

Be Thou King, O Lord, not only of the faithful who have never forsaken Thee,

but also of the prodigal children who have abandoned Thee; grant that they

may quickly return to their Father’s house lest they die of wretchedness

and hunger.

Be Thou King of those who are deceived by erroneous opinions, or whom

discord keeps aloof,and call them back to the harbor of truth and the unity

of faith, so that soon there may be but one flock and one Shepherd. Grant,

O Lord, to Thy Church assurance of freedom and immunity from harm.

Give peace and order to all nations, and make the earth resound from

pole to pole with one cry; Praise to the divine Heart that wrought our

salvation: to It be glory and honor forever.Amen.

The new Jerusalem


9 Then one of the seven angels

came to of those with the

seven bowls full of the seven last

plagues.And he said, “Come, I am

going to show you the bride,the wife of

the Lamb.” 10 He took up me up in a

spiritual vision to a very high mountain

and he should me the holy city Jerusalem,

coming down out of heaven from GOD,11like a

precious jewel with the color of crystal clear-


12Its wall,large and high, has twelve

gates;stationed at them are twelve angels.

Over the gates are written the names of the

twelve tribes of the sons of Israel.

13Three gates face the east;three gates

face the north;three gates face the south

and three face the west.

14The city wall stands on twelve foundation

stones on which are written the names of th

twelve apostles of the Lamb.


The parable of the weeds

Matthew 13:24-30

Jesus told them another parable,

” The Kingdom of heaven can be compared

to a man who sowed good seed in his field.

While everyone was asleep, his enemy came

sowed weeds among the wheat and left.


When the plants sprouted and produced

grain,the weeds also appeared.

Then the servants of the owner came

to him and said: ‘ Sir, was it not good

seed that you sowed in your field?

did the weeds come from?’


He answered them: ‘This is  the

work of an enemy.’ They asked him:

‘Do you want us to go and pull up the

weeds?’ He told them: ‘ No, when you

pull up the weeds,you might uproot the

wheat with them. Let them just grow

together until harvest; and at the harvest

time I will say to the workers: Pull up

the weeds first, tie them in bundles and

burn them: then gather the wheat into

my barn.”





Be a sign of the love of God

Exodus 32:7-10

The Yahweh said to Moses, ” Go

down at once, for your people, whom

you brought up from the land of Egypt,

have corrupted themselves. They

have quickly turned from the way I

commanded them and have made for

themselves a molten calf;they have

bow down before it and sacrificed to

it and said: ‘ These are your gods,

Israel, who brought you out of Egypt.”

And Yahweh said to Moses, ” I see

that these people are a stiff-necked

people. Now just leave me that my

anger may blaze against them, I will

destroy them, but of you I make a

great nation.

The storm: the Lord is Passing

Psalm 29

Give the Lord,O sons of God,

give the Lord glory and strength,

give tthe Lord the glory due to his name;

worship the Lord in great liturgy.

The voice of the Lord is over the waters;

The God of glory thunders,

the Lord thunders over vast waters.

How powerful is the voice of the Lord,

How splenderous is the voice of the Lord.

The voice of the Lord tears up the cedars,

the Lord is shattering the cedars of Lebanon.

He makes  Lebanon skip like a culf,

and Sirion like a young bull.

The voice of the Lord breaks forth with flashes of

fire,the voice of the Lord makes the wilderness quake,

The Lord is shaking the wilderness of Kadish.

The voice of the Lord makes the oaks shudder,

the Lord stripe the forest bare,

and in his temple all cry, ” Glory!”

Over the flood the Lord was sitting;

the Lord is King and he reigns forever.

May the Lord give his people strenght;

may the Lord bless his people with peace.