Recognize Your Incapacity

Another noteworthy detail in the Annunciation is Mary’s  recognition of her virginity when

informed by the angel of God’s plan. Mary said, “How can this be for I am a virgin?”

Some people see this as Mary’s lack of confidence in the power of God. But I think otherwise.

It was precisely because she saw herself as a virgin that she was able to see the

evidence of God’s power.

A virgin has no capacity to produce life on her own. Only through her cooperation

with another force can she bring forth life. Because Mary recognized her incapacity–the

impossibility of doing things on her own– the benevolence of God was highlighted.

God’s love, might ,mercy and holiness truly come to the surface. Hence, virginity

must become part of our attitude as Christian devotees of our Blessed Mother. Such

persons who have it can really manifest the magnanimity of God.



In the month of  January  we celebrate three important feasts which present three different aspects of the mission of jesus: the glory of God! the three feast are : 1) The Virgin Mary mother of God, 2) The Epiphany, 3) The baptism of Jesus Christ.

In 1930 Pope Pius XI established the feast of the “Virgin Mary Mother of God” This title is audacious :  woman is a Mother of God! How it is possible? We are creatures, how can a human creature become the mother of God? Some theologians in the Council of Ephesus said that we can understand that a Virgin Mary is the Mother of Jesus Christ but not the Mother of God. In spite of this objection, the Council kept this title and proclaimed the Virgin Mary Mother of God and wanted to reveal what God has done for us. God did not remain closed in himself:  he came out from himself and united himself so radically with this man ,Jesus, that this man Jesus is  God and when we speak about Jesus we speak about God.He was not born only as a man who had relation with God, but in him God was born in the world. God came out from himself. But we can see also the opposite: God attracted us to himself, so that we are not any more  outside of God but we are in intimacy with God, we are in God Father, Son and Holy Spirit, God wanted to be born in a woman and at the same time to remain God! This is the great event. The Virgin Mary is Mother of God and Mother of the Church because she is the Mother of the One who came to reunite all of us-through the cross- in His Body dead and resurrected.

The glory of God “appeared” in Jesus Christ but he is hidden in the womb of the Virgin Mary. So, what is the meaning of this “glory”?

In the Epiphany is another revelation of  the glory of God. We read in the gospel of ST. Matthew: “Some wise men came to Jerusalem from the east … going into the house they saw the child with his mother Mary, and falling to their knees they did him homage. Then opening their treasures, they offered him gifts of gold, franckincense and myrrh” (2:1-12).

In the Baptism of the Lord we have a solemn revelation of the glory of God through the voice of God the Father himself and the witness of the Holy Spirit! “No sooner had he come up out of water than he saw the heavens torn apart and the Spirit, like a dove, descending on him. And a voice came from heaven, : You are my son, the Beloved; my favor rests on you” (Mark 1:7-11). But, what is the meaning  of this “glory” ?

Normally we think that “glory” means human honor, frankincense, applauses, etc.The preface of the epiphany says: “Your Spirit was seen as a dove, revealing Jesus as your servant”. This is the glory of God: to be the servant of humanity! Therefore “glory’ is equal to “love”. It is for his love to humanity that he became incarnate in the womb of the Virgin Mary, he revealed himself to the three wise men, he accepted to be considered a sinner in need of the baptism. He was “sent to bring the poor the good news of salvation”. In Christianity, glory means to serve and to serve with love. This is our Christian vocation.