Recognize Your Incapacity

Another noteworthy detail in the Annunciation is Mary’s  recognition of her virginity when

informed by the angel of God’s plan. Mary said, “How can this be for I am a virgin?”

Some people see this as Mary’s lack of confidence in the power of God. But I think otherwise.

It was precisely because she saw herself as a virgin that she was able to see the

evidence of God’s power.

A virgin has no capacity to produce life on her own. Only through her cooperation

with another force can she bring forth life. Because Mary recognized her incapacity–the

impossibility of doing things on her own– the benevolence of God was highlighted.

God’s love, might ,mercy and holiness truly come to the surface. Hence, virginity

must become part of our attitude as Christian devotees of our Blessed Mother. Such

persons who have it can really manifest the magnanimity of God.