Mary’s  hymn is also a prophetic song. It contains what God intends to do to His people.

Mary prophesied in that song the new world order that God establish – about a world where the Christian Ideas reign. William Barclay describes it this way : ” A Christian society is a society where no man dares to have too  much while others have too little, where every man must get only to give away. ” Mary spoke against the prevailing world order where lack of justice and equality was commonplace.

Christian must aspire to become prophets, like Mary, who can dare to speak against the evils of the world  and act to, eliminate them. Today’s world needs prophets who can pro test against humanity’s inclination to acquire and possess; against all the hunger in the world brought about by man’s own doing or lack of it, against man’s insensitivity to the plight of the poor.

We also needs prophets who can instill fear – the ” fear of being driven away empty – handed” because of their evil appetite that which belongs to others . We need them to speak against man’s desire for money and things, for power and recognition.

We need prophets who can speak of the beauty and grandeur of God’s reign and invite people to participate in it. We need prophets who can speak against humanity’s foolishness of satiating their human desires with the ephemeral things rather than with what God provides. We need prophets who can speak against humanity’s own folly of thinking that we are self-made men and women and that we can still move on with our lives without the help of God.

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