The Assumption of the Blessed Virgen Mary


19 Then the sanctuary of God in the

heavens was opened,and the Ark of

the Covenant of God could be seen

inside the sanctuary.There were

flashes of lightning, peals of thunder,

an earthquake and a violent hailstorm.


1 A great sign appeared in heaven:

a woman, clothed with the sun,

with the with the moon under her feet

and a crown of twelve stars on her

head,2 She was pregnant and cried out

in pain,looking to her time of delivery.

3 Then another sign appeared:a

huge,red dragon with seven heads and

ten horns and wearing seven crowns on

its heads. 4 It had just swept along a

third of the stars of heaven with its tail,

throwing them down to the earth.

The dragon stood in front of the

woman who was about to give birth,so

that it might devour the child as soon

as it was born. 5 She gave birth, to a

male child,the one who is to rule all the

nations with an iron scepter; then her

child was seized and taken up to God

and to his throne 6 while the woman fled

to the desert where God had prepared a

place for her; there she would be

looked after for one thousand two hun-

dred and sixty days.

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